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Friday, 8 February 2013

Between honesty and lies slightly different

Salam Motivasi Dari Blogger Sukabumi Tanzil Khaerul Akbar
  “Bahagia itu kita yang ciptain,bukan mereka. Mereka ga tau gimana kita,kita kan selalu berdua dan ga akan pernah ada yang misahin kita ! Kita punya cara kita sendiri dan kita punya dunia kita sendiri !”
A little quote from the movie "Radit and Jani" probably many of you have fond menontondan even this movie! And the ending of this movie, even though their characters Radit and Jani was not an end but as a figure Radit become a man in charge even if he has to lie to himself for the sake of happiness though actually Jani Jani disappointed! Every quote I read these words and watch his movies again I always thought that the essence of the words and the meaning of his films! It turns out the essence of the words in a relationship must exist mutual trust and honesty is the most important thing! Mutual trust is always difficult when a relationship is no such thing as "LIE" why every relationship there is always a lie? If of you always wondered it yourself ask the Question on why we lie a little heart when a relationship or anything! The lie always comes to the attitude of a "coward"! why is called a coward? Because he could not trust anyone and always appreciate their own small membohongihati! But there are people who lie for the good as a mother who constantly lies to her example as mother and son were eating and when food the child was gone but he was still hungry and mother always said "Eat mamah son, mamah already full" Such figures are deceiving Radit and leave just because Jani Radit Jani and do not want to see her baby starve candidate, with his miserable life! The point though Radit attitude was wrong but we have to lift your thumb against the attitudes of men who gamau menyengsara the person she loves!

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