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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Time Is a Dream

Salam Motivasi Dari Blogger Sukabumi Tanzil Khaerul Akbar

The dream was a fantasy dream but also the beginning of a dream we plan in the future want to do, achieve success in what ways, and to millions of millionaires and even what might be in the future?Yes it is possible and very likely to happen if we have faith, like effort, and determination in the pursuit of the dream hard to achieve that dream with the passage of time ..At that time I think was a dream, a dream we have to realize as time goes by because it was spinning and I'm sure most of you want to achieve success very early age ..If time is money then we should pursue at that time as well as the time it is a dream we must pursue it with the patient time to reach for our own dreams ..But how do we do it? Is the intention of capital is enough?Well this is a question that often exist in every mind if the intention is enough?Certainly not if there is intention but no effort and determination from us high it would be useless to remain in the shadows forever if we just planting intentions alone ..Sense must we grow impatient sometimes people fail to achieve success is one who never wanted to be patient always his dream come true ..Actually many instances we need to know and learn from billionaire in the world, from new discoveries, from everything that covers science for everyone ..As the inventor of the light bulb that Thomas Alva Edison experimented him a thousand times to perfect the light bulb and do you know he only succeeded once in a thousand times and the experiment failed in nine hundred and ninety-nine times?That failure rate is not small if we do not have a sense of patience and mental capital tempeh are we able to do things like that Thomas Alva Edison?Try to imagine and now ponder about his patient, intention, effort and determination than Thomas Alva Edison's?Pursue your dreams and dream to make it happen over time do not keep turning relax, careless or assume it's easy ..Do not be a person who spoiled be an independent person who considers failure early and key to our success in the future ..Thank you for reading my article on time is a dream may be useful and can motivate you about your problem that's been confusing :-D ..
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